Tuesday, February 3, 2015

complete, high-end open source laptop a reality?

Who wouldn't want a good, reliable and cheap? high-end laptop? As a open source enthusiast, I would be happy to have my hands on a complete high-end open source laptop.
Well  it seems my dreams may come true in near future, with Purism successful crowd funded Librem 15  is getting closer to a reality.

As part of making my opensource laptop a reality, I usually had to compromise for mediocre hardware. Even FOSS champion Richard Stallman would agree with me, on this.
With Purism successful crowd funded Librem 15, a portable PC that combines modern parts such as 3.4 GHz Core i7, and an optional 4K display, with software that is accessible from head to toe. Which means the operating system (a variant of Trisquel GNU/Linux), hardware drivers and included apps are all free and open, even the BIOS and firmware.

Librem 15 planned launch is in April, 2015. at a price level starting from $1649 which would seem very expensive compared to other high-end models such as Mac. However, if you absolutely refuse to run proprietary software on your laptop, at least you can give Librem 15 a try.

An expensive yet a dream come true for open source enthusiasts.
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